Tavi no show socks are one secret you’re not going to want to keep to yourself. Check out the Casual Alex No Show. These everyday basic socks are anything but basic. Extra cushion on the back of the ankle offers additional support and reduces chafing. Available in three neutral colors, the Causal Alex No Show is a no brainer. 

          Looking for a sock that’s even more low-profile? Try the Casual Grace—a ped sock that fits just above the heel collar of your shoe. Ped socks are low cut socks that are an ideal choice for runners. They stay put while staying hidden. It’s designed to offer cushion and support without touching the ankle bone. Its incognito design is perfect for pairing with sneakers, boat shoes, or penny loafers. 

          All of our No Show socks are made with luxuriously soft 100% organic cotton—with the exception of our limited edition Sophia Low Rise Socks. For the Sofia Low Rise, our designers pulled out all the stops. Made from the finest wool Italy has to offer, this sock offers maximum warmth and breathability, has good moisture wicking, and is odor-resistant

          Tavi No Show socks are part of our lineup of women’s casual socks, which includes casual crew socks, knee high socks, and sports socks. Check out our entire collection of casual socks and discover why so many people are choosing Tavi socks for their workouts and everyday life.